Intel Takeover

After 9/11, the United States federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies began an unprecedented shift, refocusing on intelligence and surveillance abilities, rather than traditional crime-fighting. Knowledge is power, and this structural transformation has made one thing clear: they want it all. New information sharing laws and cloud computing standards are the backbone of this power consolidation exercise. Knowledge is power, so are the knowledge brokers?

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21st Century Corruption

Why would politicians want to send American money oversees? Why, when they could fund programs domestically, do they choose to send tens of billions of dollars oversees? If they’re sending money to ease suffering, why does the suffering get worse everywhere they go? The truth is, our tax dollars are being used to bulldoze paths through the third world, enabling corporations to exploit foreign people and foreign lands.

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The International Center for Missing & Exploited Children

The human trafficking industry is comparable in size to the illicit drug trade. Why is it rarely mentioned in the mainstream media? Mass systematic child exploitation is occurring right under our nose. Kids are being abused, often at the hands of the people entrusted to protect them. From sex trafficking, to organ harvesting, and even Satanic rituals, children, by the thousands, are being subjected to torture at the hands of evil.

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Decision Sciences

Decision Sciences International Corporation is a technology company that develops, designs, and manufacturers revolutionary detection equipment that can be used to scan for anything from cigarettes & tobacco, to drugs, weapons, and even radiological and nuclear threats. Their equipment’s modular construction enables the system to be scaled up or down to scan any type of vehicle, rail cars and cargo containers. Why is this company important? In short, Justin Cooper, Bill Clinton’s top aide and personal manager, was on the board of directors. His name was scrubbed from their site when he came to the forefront of the Hillary Clinton investigation.

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Libyan Crisis: Qatar’s Helping Hand

With the UN weapons embargo in place, Obama made a backdoor deal with the Qataris, allowing them to smuggle billions of dollars in weapons to various rebel groups in Libya… and Syria. Since then, Qatar has become one of the biggest consumers of US military hardware. Qatar was the first Arab nation to launch a military campaign in the ongoing Libyan conflict. Examining some of their other actions, their motive comes into question.

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Wikileaks revealed high-level discussion of ties between Romanian organized crime, and Middle-Eastern groups. The CIA’s presence in the region became cause for concern when one of their secret prisons was revealed in the middle of Bucharest.

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They’re the richest country in the world. They spend a billion dollars a year procuring the artwork of secular Western artists. They are prominent slave traders, utilizing them to build some of the most impressive infrastructure projects in the world. They actively support terrorism. In 2009, US officials labeled them as the worst offender in the region in terms of counter-terrorism participation. Terror groups are allowed to take advantage of their charity laws to launder cash. It is blatantly obvious that they do not have our interests in mind. Why do we sell Qatar billions of dollars in American military hardware?

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Qatar and the Art of Slavery

The Qatari’s have been spending about a billion dollars a year on art. Their taste, however, leads one to wonder: Why would fundamental Wahhabi Muslims be bankrolling secular Western artists like Jeff Koons, Damien Hirst and Marina Abramovic? Dakis Joannou is a Greek-Cypriot construction magnate. He is one of the most influential art collectors alive, but he is more well-known for building airports for gulf kings.

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Hillary’s Armory

Offset agreements and Hillary Clinton. She took millions in “donations” from foreign nations and defense contractors. In return, she oversaw the sale of more weapons than any of her predecessors.

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Podesta Group | Lobbying Fees

Since the late 1990s, Podesta Group, a lobbying firm founded by John Podesta’s brother, Tony Podesta, has been raking millions of dollars a year from a wide range of industry elites. Among the biggest clients are pharmaceutical companies and defense contractors. What kind of influence have they been buying?

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The Clinton Foundation

The Clinton family, not having done any sort of work outside of politics, do not produce any products, physical or intellectual, nor do they perform any services that do not derive value from past political positions or relationships developed as the result of those positions.

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The Bloody Hands of Obama

Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years. Barack Hussein Obama founded ISIS, allowing them to be supplied with billions of dollars in military hardware, which was distributed throughout Libya and Syria by a Qatari arms trafficking network.

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South Africa

In the past 20 years, the pharmaceutical clinical trials industry has shifted dramatically in terms of geography. Experiments that were once conducted ethically, in Western countries, have now been shipped overseas where pharmaceutical companies and contract research organizations often operate lawlessly. During this time, the Clintons received millions of dollars from these corporations, and billions of tax dollars were siphoned off in the name of helping the countries build health care infrastructure. It’s all for exploitation.

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Epstein’s Island

Jeffrey Epstein: International Moneyman of Mystery | NEW YORK MAGAZINE | PAGE 1 | PAGE 2 | PAGE 3 | PAGE 4 He’s pals with a passel of Nobel Prize–winning scientists, CEOs like Leslie Wexner of the Limited, socialite Ghislaine Maxwell, even Donald Trump. But it wasn’t until he flew Bill Clinton, Kevin Spacey, and…

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Susan Rice

No stranger to controversy, Susan Rice’s role in the recent “unmasking” scandal is only the latest event in a career that has been mired with similar administrative quarrels. In April of 1994, the Rwandan genocide broke out, and in 100 days, 800,000 people were butchered. It was later revealed that Susan Rice, then Director of International Organizations & Peacekeeping at the National Security Council, was responsible for stopping United Nations intervention.

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Clinton Cartel: Pandemic Profitability

Disease mortality rates in Africa had been falling steadily for about a century, until the mid 1990s, when the numbers reversed, and the spread of disease skyrocketed. Medicine shortages and displaced populations resulting from widespread conflict were major contributing factors. Bill Clinton didn’t exactly help when he bombed a pharmaceutical factory in the Sudan.

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Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is a civilian foreign intelligence service of the United States federal government, tasked with gathering, processing, and analyzing national security information from around the world, primarily through the use of human intelligence (HUMINT). As one of the principal members of the U.S. Intelligence Community (IC), the CIA reports to the Director of National Intelligence and is primarily focused on providing intelligence for the President and Cabinet.

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Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is the domestic intelligence and security service of the United States, which simultaneously serves as the nation’s prime federal law enforcement agency. Operating under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Department of Justice, the FBI is concurrently a member of the U.S. Intelligence Community and reports to both the Attorney General and the Director of National Intelligence. A leading U.S. counterterrorism, counterintelligence, and criminal investigative organization, the FBI has jurisdiction over violations of more than 200 categories of federal crimes.

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ISIS WMD Directorate

By the summer of 2006, the FBI was entering the third and final phase of their post 9/11 transformation, looking to solidify the changes made in the first two phases. Director Mueller announced unprecedented personnel changes, not only establishing new divisions within the FBI, but filling those positions with people from outside the Bureau. This was a stark shift from decades the decades long tradition of promoting from within the ranks.

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Russia: Manufactured Foe

In today’s backwards world, nations who fund terrorism, like Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan, are treated as friends, but nations like Russia, with whom we share common values, are treated like enemies. Why? The 1980s are calling, and they want their foreign policy back.

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Hussein’s Heist

How Obama Pulled Off The Heist Of The Century | John Grayson | MAR 6, 2017  It appears that Obama’s attempt at leading a shadow-like coup was just foiled and made nationally known. Unfortunately, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. What has actually happened is that this was merely the extenuation of the American government’s…

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Kelly Craighead

Hillary Rodham Clinton, New York’s junior senator, and her husband, Bill, hosted a Washington party Wednesday night to celebrate the recent marriage of Kelly Craighead, a longtime Hillary staffer, and Democratic political consultant Erik Mullen, a former aide to Hillary’s senior colleague, Chuck Schumer. Guests included Schumer, DNC Chairman Terry McAuliffe and former finance chairwoman Beth Dozoretz, former national security adviser Sandy Berger, Clinton loyalist Sidney Blumenthal, and Sen. Clinton’s former press secretary, Howard Wolfson.

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Keating 5

McCain: The Most Reprehensible of the Keating Five | PHOENIX NEW TIMES | NOV 29, 1989 The Keating Five were five United States Senators accused of corruption in 1989, igniting a major political scandal as part of the larger Savings and Loan crisis of the late 1980s and early 1990s. The five senators – Alan…

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Keeping Pieces & Trafficking People

The majority of uniformed service members and civilian contractors working in peacekeeping operations do so honorably. They risk their lives to repair the damage and destruction of war. Tragically, however, international organizations and activists have documented a disturbing correlation with these deployments.

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Catalist is a big data firm, founded by a pair of Bill Clinton and Al Gore staffers, that operates a nation-wide voter database containing virtually every registered voter in the country, as well as virtually every voting age individual who is not registered to vote. They have been accused of using loopholes to skirt campaign finance laws which allowing them to give favorable pricing to various democrat organizations. Funded by George Soros & Company.

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What really happened to Madeleine McCann

10 key reasons which suggest that she was not abducted. Madeleine McCann was reported missing by her mother, Dr Kate McCann, at 10pm on Thursday 3rd May, 2007. Since then, Madeleine, who was then nearly four, has become the best-known ‘missing child’ in the world. The McCanns claimed she was abducted, by an abductor who has never been traced…

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John Negroponte

Born in London on July 21, 1939, just before the outbreak of the second world war, he was the son of Dimitri, a Greek shipping magnate, and Catherine. He became a product of elite American institutions, educated at Phillips Exeter prep school in New Hampshire and at Yale, and later, Harvard Law School. Negroponte is connected to Britain’s royal family and British intelligence through his wife, Diana Villiers.

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Madeleine Foundation

madeleine-foundation-bookx 2602017623     Contents Contents Introduction page 2 The 30 Key Reasons which suggest that Madeleine was not abducted page 5 Reason 2: The evidence of the cadaver dogs pages 6-9 Reason 4: The DNA evidence pages 11-13 Reason 7: The sheer impossibility of the abduction happening in the way it was claimed to…

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Potential Leads

  Bureau Aviation Regulations Policy Directive and Policy Guide | FBI The FBI’s Bureau Aviation Regulations: Policy Directive and Policy Guide was issued on 1/1/2015. Its purpose is “to provide safe and effective aviation and surveillance support” to FBI investigations in conjunction with the rules issued by the Federal Aviation Administration regarding airplane flight. FBI…

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Snakes in the Grass

Government corruption is out of control. Capitol Hill is the place of pilgrimage for liars, thieves, and killers. Through legislation and regulation, the political class has enriched themselves, writing underhanded, backroom deals with corporate raiders, and foreign tyrants. When politicians are free to use public office to pursue personal interests, the result is what we have, economic enslavement.

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With the world mired in chaos, confusion, and destruction, many simply refuse to think about the troubling state of affairs, instead turning their attention to frivolous things, remaining oblivious, and in the dark. This sort of ignorance might be excusable if it opened the door to an enjoyable, fulfilling life. It doesn’t. When the hypnosis of materialism wears off, or your distraction of choice wears off, the problems always come back. Time to face them head on. Must-watch video playlist.

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The human trafficking industry is comparable in size to the drug trade, and child exploitation represents a substantial portion of the problem. This problem is deliberately covered up by the media. Vets4ChildRescue is about to change that. The organization’s primary objectives are to educate and increase public awareness, assist law enforcement and other legal entities to prevent and reduce pedophilia, human sex trafficking and child sexual abuse. To do this, #V4CR is fundraising to produce a television docu-series that will shine light on this dark, secretive part of our society, revealing the size, scope, and pervasive nature of this problem.

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Global Financial Integrity

Global Financial Integrity | WIKIPEDIA | MAY 18, 2017 Global Financial Integrity (GFI) is a non-profit, research, advisory, and advocacy organization located in Washington, D.C.. GFI produces research on the scale, impact, and attributes of illicit financial flows—the proceeds of crime, corruption, and tax evasion—with a particular focus on developing and emerging economies. Staffed with…

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Seth Rich

Seth Rich, the Democratic National Committee’s Voter Expansion Data director was murdered early in the morning, on July 11, 2016. Police have claimed it was a robbery gone wrong, but the robbers did not steal anything.

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McPherson Group

Clients Bell Helicopter (Textron) Tammy Duckworth Tammy Baldwin Lindsey for Congress The Faith Politics Institute Frontier Solutions Edwards Davis Stover & Associates, LLC MAAF (military Hachette Book Group Pneumodose Amida Technology Solutions  

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The Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA) established in 1946, is a non-profit membership association serving the military, government, industry, and academia as an ethical forum for advancing professional knowledge and relationships in the fields of communications, information technology, intelligence, and security. AFCEA supports local chapters, sponsors events, publishes SIGNAL Magazine, promotes education, and provides member benefits. AFCEA has more than 35,000 members

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John Podesta

John David Podesta (born January 8, 1949) was the fourth and final White House Chief of Staff under President Bill Clinton, from 1998 until 2001. He is married to Mary Podesta. Podesta is the president and CEO of the left-wing Center for American Progress. Under his leadership, the Center, founded in 2003, has become a notable leader in the development and advocacy for progressive policy. Podesta also served on the action fund and executive committee of the Center for American Progress. Podesta was a co-chairman of the Obama-Biden Transition Project.

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Professional Services Council

PSC Announces Board of Directors and Executive Committee Members | WASHINGTON EXEC | DEC 20, 2016 The Professional Services Council announced its newly elected and re-elected continuing members to its board of directors and executive committee on Dec. 15. The board and the executive committee are responsible for policy oversight and setting the direction of the association. The…

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Global Information Services, Inc

ORDERING INSTRUCTIONS NOTE: ALL ORDERS SHOULD BE DIRECTED TO: SPURS VENDOR NUMBER: F 593553251-001 VENDOR: Global Information Services, Inc (I) STREET ADDRESS OR P.O. BOX: 4107 CITY, STATE, ZIP: Tallahassee, FL – 32315 TELEPHONE: (850) 514 – 1395 ORDERING FAX NO.: (509) 561 – 8624 REMIT ADDRESS: P.O.BOX 4107 CITY, STATE, ZIP: Tallahassee, FL –…

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Justin Cooper

Category:Clinton administration personnel | WIKIPEDIA | MAY 21, 2017 Justin Cooper | WIKIPEDIA | MAY 22, 2017 White House Cooper began working in the White House as an intern in the Office of Science and Technology Policy and later in the Oval Office. He was later hired as a Staff Assistant for Oval Office Operations.…

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Saved Articles/Documents

Vatican | WIKILEAKS PODESTA 58986 | APR 15, 2014 From: To: CC: Date: 2014-04-15 13:14 Subject: Vatican Copied below is an email from one of my JASOC instructors. I can’t open the article from my desk because most of the internet is denied by DoD. Did you hug the Pope? —–Original Message—–…

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John C. Whitehead

John C. Whitehead | WIKIPEDIA | MAY 18, 2017 John Cunningham Whitehead (April 2, 1922 – February 7, 2015) was an American banker and civil servant, and a board member of the World Trade Center Memorial Foundation (WTC Memorial Foundation) and, until his resignation in May 2006, chairman of the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation. Whitehead…

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