After the introduction of online casinos, gamblers love to play slot games in online casinos rather than offline casinos. Online casinos are offering several perks to their players. Moreover, the best perk offered by online slots is convenience. You don’t need to line up for the slot machine in land-based casinos. Instead, you can play on your favorite slot machine in online casinos anywhere and anytime.

Players regularly playing in online casinos may come across the term RTP in the description of online casinos. However, most people are confused about the meaning and role of the acronym RTP. Also, this term, RTP plays a crucial role in online slot games.

What is the meaning Of RTP?

The term RTP stands for Return to Player. RTP percentage or rate is something that players should always know before playing on a slot machine. RTP is the percentage of money gamblers can recover while betting on an RTP Live Slot machine.

The RTP is usually determined from the statistics of the game sessions. To calculate the RTP rate, take the example of a video slot machine that offers a 92% of RTP rate. In this slot machine, a player gets 92 dollars on every bet of 100 dollars.

Players must find a slot machine with a higher RTP rate to maximize their winnings. Some rare RTP live slot machines offer 99% of the RTP rate. This is the highest RTP rate that a slot machine can offer. However, a low RTP rate is 90% to 94%. Therefore, a game with a lower RTP rate pays inconsistently to its players.

How To Calculate RTP?

The term RTP might appear sophisticated to calculate the return to player percentage. However, it is pretty straightforward to calculate because the formula remains the same every time. To calculate RTP, divide the returned amount by the total betted amount.

While calculating the RTP, you must keep in mind that you cannot calculate RTP based on a few numbers of results. This can’t be calculated with small numbers because it can’t provide reliable data. Therefore, RTP is usually calculated by long-term games.

Is there any correlation between RTP and variance?

Gambling enthusiasts can’t understand RTP without understanding the variance of games. Therefore, RTP rate and variance are crucial in determining your gambling games. The variance shows how much a specific game will pay.

The term variance is mainly associated with online slot games. Variance is calculated to illustrate the frequency of risk and payouts. There are mainly three levels of variance:

  • Low Variance: The games which provide the payouts in regular intervals are of lower variance.
  • Medium Variance: The games providing less frequent payout are of medium variance. However, the payouts that medium-variance games provide are highly rewarding.
  • High Variance: Games that involve very much high risk, and these games very rarely provide payouts. However, they provide massive amounts of real cash.


After knowing about RTP rates, you can easily choose the best slot machines. A higher RTP percentage slot machine will increase your winning amount and provide you with security. Therefore, always choose a slot machine that offers a higher RTP rate and variance.


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