Over-prescription is incentivized by pharmaceutical companies who award kickbacks to doctors who prescribe their drugs. Usually, these drugs are then paid for by insurance companies or the government. In other words, the cost is picked up by people with health insurance and taxpayers.

Besides the artificial upward forces on price, this unsustainable incentivization of over-prescription has and continues to fuel catastrophes. The nationwide opiate epidemic was caused by doctors over-prescribing powerful, highly addictive narcotics, but as bad as it is, it will not be nearly as catastrophic as the coming superbug crises. The misuse and abuse of antibiotic prescriptions at the hands of medical doctors has drastically accelerated the development of drug-resistant viruses and bacteria, and will inevitably lead to pandemics of monumental proportion. 

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The Opiate Epidemic
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Imminent Drug-Resistant Bug Crisis
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Unethical Clinical Trials
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