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  • Watch: Air Force says goodbye to last active duty C-130H Hercules October 18, 2017
    The Air Force saw their last active duty C-130H Hercules cargo aircraft assigned to the 36th Airlift Squadron depart Yokota, Japan on October 16th. The squadron is transitioning to newer C-130J models. It’s sad to see it go,” said Lt. Col. John Kerr, shortly before he took the controls of the old Herc for a long flight to Montana. […]
  • Catalonia at a crossroads October 18, 2017
    Barcelona—Catalonia’s moment of truth nears. Tomorrow ends the second deadline that the Spanish government has given to Catalan President Carles Puigdemont to clarify last Tuesday’s independence declaration. In the October 1st referendum, 90% of participants voted for independence.  But the turnout was just 43%.   Then, on October 10th, Puigdemont declared independence in front of a packed […]
    Stavros Atlamazoglou
  • Grey Ghost Gear range bag | Deployment ready October 18, 2017
    Grey Ghost Gear (GGG) is one part of the strategic triumvirate that also features Grey Ghost Precision (GGP) and Tactical Tailor.  While GGP deals in lead-slinging hardware and Tactical Tailor knocks out mind-boggling amounts of gear tailor-made for warfighters, GGG has a somewhat smaller scope.  To me, the result of this  focus is GGG having an even greater level of […]
  • Chechen government continues with concentration camps for gay men, former captive comes forward October 18, 2017
    Since February, Chechnya has been accused of kidnapping and imprisoning over 100 gay or bisexual men, purely based on their sexual orientation.  There have been reports of an unknown number of these captives who have already been killed in captivity.  They have reportedly faced torture and humiliation. Ramzan Kadyrov, Head of the Chechnyan Republic, has […]
    Luke Ryan
  • Weird Gun Wednesday: Elgin Cutlass Pistol October 18, 2017
    Back in the early 19th century, simple, muzzle-loaded pistols were about the best you could hope for when it came to a sidearm. And that didn’t amount to much: They generally held only one round, were smoothbore (synonymous with the word ‘inaccurate’), and slow to reload. In this regard, edged-weapons such as swords or cutlasses […]


  • Boy Scouts of America to Add Girls to their Ranks October 19, 2017
    The Boy Scouts of America announced on October 11 that girls will now be able to participate in the Cub Scout ranks and work to earn the rank of Eagle Scout. The decision has been met with mixed reviews from the BSA and the larger community. Many scouting enthusiasts welcome the opportunity to expand the […]
    Katie Begley
  • 18 October: This Day in Military History October 18, 2017
    18 October: This Day in Military History The post 18 October: This Day in Military History appeared first on OpsLens.
    Chris Carter
  • ‘ISIS is Losing in Every Way’ – US Backed Forces Take Raqqa October 18, 2017
    American-led forces made some significant progress in the offensive against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria on Tuesday as the ISIS “capital” city of Raqqa was retaken by Syrian Democratic Forces, or the SDF. United States Army Colonel Ryan Dillon, the spokesman for Operation Inherent Resolve, tweeted on Tuesday that in the past three […]
    Chris Castellano
  • ISIS Poised For New Breeding Grounds October 18, 2017
    OpsLens Video With their longheld base of operations and stronghold losing ground by the day in Iraq and Syria, ISIS […] The post ISIS Poised For New Breeding Grounds appeared first on OpsLens.
    OpsLens Editorial Staff
  • Iraqi And Kurdish Conflict Show A War After ISIS Is Brewing October 18, 2017
    OpsLens Video Iraqi forces, which include the US-trained Counter Terrorism Service and the Iranian-backed factions, began an attack on Peshmerga-controlled […] The post Iraqi And Kurdish Conflict Show A War After ISIS Is Brewing appeared first on OpsLens.
    OpsLens Editorial Staff



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