Artistic Influence

Qatar has been spending about a billion dollars a year on art. Why would a family of hard-line Wahhabi Muslims have secular Western artists like Damien Hirst, Jeff Koons, and Marina Abramovic on their payroll?

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Giving Aid to Terror

They actively support terrorism. In 2009, US officials labeled them as the worst offender in the region in terms of counter-terrorism participation. Terror groups are allowed to take advantage of their charity laws to launder cash. It is blatantly obvious that they do not have our interests in mind. Why do we sell Qatar billions of dollars in American military hardware?

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Involvement in Libya

In communications revealed by Wikileaks, Hillary Clinton’s staff took credit for the US Libya policy from start to finish. According to Jake Sullivan, the UN sanctions imposed on Libya, including the arms embargo, were the result of Hillary’s efforts. Then, in order to skirt the sanctions, President Obama and Secretary Clinton made a deal with the Qatari’s, who then smuggled arms to Islamic militants in Libya and Syria.

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Dakis Joannou

Greek-Cypriot Billionaire businessman owned an apartment in Trump Tower. He is a major construction contractor for Middle Eastern countries. He owns a major Coca Cola distribution operation in Russia. He is a big fan of Clinton. He is best friends with Jeff Koons. Former board member at The International Center for Missing & Exploited Children.

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France & Qatar

For over a decade, French politicians have overseen the wholesale transfer of French wealth & industry into the hands of fewer and fewer, and from there into the hands of foreign powers. While French nationals are crushed with burdensome regulations and taxes, Qatari oil barons are investing their cash tax free throughout France. They say these ‘strategic partnerships’ stimulate the economy, but the French people are waking up, only to find insecurity and an unrecognizable culture.

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