Christine Dolan to Release Report on Child Exploitation Eminating from the Balkans Crises | ICMEC | MAY 4, 2001

Christine Dolan will release A Report on the Exploitation of Children Emanating from the Balkans Crises at a Newsmaker at the National Press Club at 10am on May 4, 2001. The International Centre for Missing & Exploited Children (ICMEC), which is located in Alexandria, Virginia, commissioned the Report. ICMEC’s mission is to create and lead a coordinated, global response to the problems of international child abduction and child sexual exploitation.

Ms. Dolan found that there is an enormous growth in the trafficking industry of infants, toddlers, pre-teens, and young teenagers who are being exported and imported as a result of the Balkan Crises, the Fall of Communism, and AIDS. Ms Dolan claims that “an AIDS pandemic is a time bomb waiting to happen in Europe if bureaucrats do recognize and address the problem of child trafficking by fully staffing and training local law enforcement, as well as the United Nations Forces. These children are gang-raped as they are trafficked and the influx of African children trafficked into Europe is enormous. This is the Holocaust of the Millennium.”

Ms. Dolan was so horrified by what she saw and heard that she has launched the International Humanitarian Campaign Against the Exploitation of Children to raise $5 million to train local law enforcement worldwide and to provide counseling for victims.

The Honorable Arnold I. Burns, Chairman of ICMEC says, “We want to thank Christine Dolan for her extensive report on this very critical and compelling issue. It is with remarkable courage and dedication to improving children’s lives worldwide that she undertook this important investigation. We also want to thank George Grayson, whose vision and generous contribution made this investigation a reality. Christine’s conclusion that child trafficking is systematically organized and even more profitable than drug and gun smuggling is astounding.”

Paul Holmes, Inspector of Clubs and Vice Unit of the Metropolitan Police in London, England, who is a Head of the Interpol Workshop on this issue, claims, “I commend Christine’s commitment and research. It is invaluable. We must get a handle on the scale of this extremely complicated problem and invest and train local law enforcement. This is not a job where one can just transfer into on a Monday. The investigations are far more complex than ever.”

“The average person is not aware of this issue. Politicians argue over the definition of trafficking and exploitation and approach this situation as if it were an immigration issue. Governments sign laws which cannot be enforced because local law enforcement is understaffed, untrained, and in some cases, corrupt. Victims are being drugged, kidnapped, raped, murdered or driven to commit suicide. The numbers are staggering and the ages are frightening. A trafficker should not get less time than someone pushing heroin and politicians should not be signing laws unless they can be enforced. Law enforcement is up against organized crime. A month ago no one could find a tanker off the coast of Africa allegedly filled with trafficked children. No one with a soul or a conscious can sit on the sidelines of this issue. The media especially has a major role to play in shedding light on the egregious and taboo subject of child trafficking. My goal is to become the trafficker’s worse nightmare,” says Christine Dolan.

During the summer of 2000, Ms. Dolan crisscrossed Europe and went into the Balkans. She conducted hundreds of interviews and went undercover. Ms. Dolan is a veteran journalist, television producer and African expert. She is CEO of The African Trust whose goal is to educate Americans about Africa. Ms. Dolan was trained as a criminal investigator while attending Georgetown University Law Center and is the former Political Director of Cable News Network and the former Spokesperson for the 1990 Nelson Mandela Tour.