Nations do not last forever. Throughout history, fissures have always emerged in systems of governance, leading to eventual collapse. The United States is no exception. How do we ensure the preservation of liberty for generations to come? Freedom must be understood.

Rights are not created by men. Rights are endowed at the inception of human life. Our federal government exists to serve the people in a very specific capacity.  In the United States Constitution, the founders detailed their interpretation of these rights, and designed a system of national government that provided safeguards against their erosion.  It wasn’t perfect, because nothing is. It is the single greatest system of government ever to exist.

The nation’s turmoils are not the result of the Constitution’s age. The problems we face are the result of a bloated federal government composed at its highest levels by self-interested individuals engaged in the manipulation of power to achieve selfish gain, often at the expense of the public.

These people must be exposed.

We must build self-sustaining systems with the sole purpose of fighting government corruption.

“An educated citizenry is a vital requisite for our survival as a free people.” | Thomas Jefferson