Emails reveal Clinton Foundation officials asked for favors from Hillary’s team including State Lunch invitation during nominee’s time as secretary of state | DAILY MAIL | AUG 28 2016

A series of new emails have shed light on the relationship between Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation during the former’s time as secretary of state.

Clinton aide Huma Abedin and Doug Band, a former high-ranking official with the foundation and adviser to Bill Clinton during his presidency, exchanged emails between June 2009 and March 2011.

In one of the email conversations, which were released as part of a lawsuit filed by the conservative group, Citizens United, the two spoke about passing on a message from a generous foundation supporter to the U.S. ambassador to Malta, ABC News reports.

Band forwarded an email to Abedin from South American businessman Gerardo Werthein, which was sent ahead of the ambassador’s meeting with the Admor in Malta.

The Admor is the chief rabbi of Malta, and was an associate of Werthein’s at the time.

Band called Werthein a ‘great supporter’ and ‘big friend’ when asking Abedin to pass on Werthein’s message about the Admor to the ambassador. 

Abedin then forwarded it for the ambassador’s assistant, adding: ‘Just want to pass along for info. No need for action.’

The emails also included a list of names Band wanted invited to a State Department lunch with Chinese President Hu Jintao in January 2011.

The names on the list were: former UBS president of wealth management Bob McCann, Western Union CEO Hikmet Ersek, and Rockefeller Foundation president Judith Rodin, according to ABC News.

Band later asked in an email if Rodin could be seated at a table with Vice President Joe Biden.

The Clinton Foundation’s website says the Rockefeller Foundation has donated between $10 million and $25 million, Western Union contributed between $1 million and $5 million, and UBS Wealth Management USA forked out between $500,001 and $1 million.

Libya: Britain spends millions on aid while Arab states give little | TELEGRAPH | APR 18 2011

The figures – published as Britain announced more emergency help for the Libyan city of Misurata – sparked calls for other nations to shoulder more of the burden in Libya.

Andrew Mitchell, the development secretary, yesterday announced that Britain is spending almost £3 million to fund the evacuation of 5,000 civilians from Misurata, and emergency medical aid for people trapped in other towns in western Libya.

“I am determined that Britain continues to provide help to those innocent civilians who are caught up in the ongoing violence,” Mr Mitchell said.

In addition to yesterday’s spending, the UK is a major donor to the UN’s emergency fund for Libya, which was launched last month.

According to the UN’s Financial Tracking Service, the UK is the third-biggest donor to the fund, giving $14.7 million (£9.1 million) or 11.4 per cent of the $128 million raised so far.

By contrast, France, the other leading power in the military intervention, has donated $687,000, only 0.5 per cent of the total. Italy, the former colonial power, pledged $984,000.

And the only Arab nation in the top 25 contributors is Kuwait, which has donated $1 million, 0.8 per cent of the total.

The UN figures show that “Others” – which could include other coalition members including Qatar and the United Arab Emirates – have collectively pledged only $944,000.

The biggest donor is the US, which has pledged $32.1 million. Second was the European Commission, pledging $17 million. Britain contributes around 12 per cent of the European Union budget.

Conservative MPs said that that Arab nations should be contributing more to aid work in Libya.

Peter Bone MP said: “British voters would expect the Arab nations and the non-combatant European nations to be piling in with money. The Arab nations in particular should have no problem with making more financial contributions.”

James Clappison MP said: “We want to see the burden of Libya shared more evenly across the international community, and particularly by countries in the region. I believe the British public support helping people in need, but they do not want to see this country shouldering a disproportionately large share of the financial burden.”

In Libya, a senior UN envoy accused Col Muammar Gaddafi of refusing calls for a ceasefire to allow aid into Misurata.

Baroness Amos, the UN’s head of humanitarian relief, said she had personally asked ministers in Tripoli to end fighting so supplies could enter and trapped civilians could leave.

Misurata has been cut off and shelled for two months. Rebel leaders told the Daily Telegraph aid ships were refusing to enter while the port was being targetted by Col Gaddafi’s artillery.

Speaking in rebel-held Benghazi, Baroness Amos said: “We got no guarantees with respect to my call for an overall cessation of hostilities to allow people to move and allow people to deliver supplies.”

Libya aid ship docks in Tripoli | TIMES OF MALTA | AUG 27 2011

A ship operated by a Malta-based NGO docked in Tripoli yesterday to deliver much-needed medical and food supplies to the embattled Libyan capital.

Businessman Mario Debono, a spokesman for the Igo-Aid foundation, confirmed that the ship, Al Entisar, carrying 400 tonnes of food and 250 tonnes of medicine berthed in Tripoli’s main port at about 4 p.m.

“The aid is being unloaded but we cannot say when the ship will leave because communication is proving difficult,” Mr Debono said. He said the ship would be able to take on board anybody who wanted to leave Tripoli once the unloading operation was over.

This is the same vessel that had been instrumental in sending aid to Misurata some months back when Malta was the only lifeline to the worst hit city in the Libyan conflict.

A second ship, the Triva I, chartered by the Maltese government to evacuate foreign and Maltese nationals from Libya, had not yet berthed in Tripoli yesterday according to a government spokesman.

The Triva I returned to Libya after three previous attempts to berth in Tripoli earlier this week had to be abandoned when the ship was caught in crossfire as gun battles still raged in the capital with the rebels trying to flush out pockets of resistance.

The Libyan capital is in dire need of aid supplies and Mr Debono urged the Maltese to donate bottled water, apart from food, in the collection efforts undertaken by the Civil Protection Department.

“Gaddafi sabotaged the Great Man-made River project and, as a consequence, people do not have drinking water in their taps,” Mr Debono said. The man-made river project is a water pipeline, Muammar Gaddafi’s brainchild, to deliver fresh water from deep below the desert to the coastal cities.

The CPD Humanitarian Aid Section at Shipwright Wharf, Marsa will be open today and tomorrow between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. to receive donations of water, tinned food, powdered baby milk, flour and sugar.

In the latest aid shipment that reached Libya yesterday, the Maltese government donated 45 pallets of medicines, bandages and other medical and surgical equipment, worth €130,000. The boat also carried oxygen cylinders in light of serious shortages in Tripoli hospitals.

Igo-Aid was set up in Malta in February by a number of Libyan and Maltese volunteers, mostly businessmen, and has been shipping humanitarian aid to a number of points in Libya throughout the crisis.

Foreign Secretary William Hague arrives in Malta for an official visit | UK GOV | OCT 16 2011

The Foreign Secretary has arrived in Malta, his first visit since taking office and the first bilateral visit by a UK Foreign Secretary since Douglas Hurd.

The Foreign Secretary will meet Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi and Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs. He will thank Malta for their staunch assistance, particularly for humanitarian purposes, with operations in Libya, and he will welcome the strength of UK-Malta relations. He will visit Malta’s Air Traffic Services and pay tribute to staff involved in the hugely increased workload of recent months during Libya operations. He will also host a meeting for the British Business Forum aimed at deepening economic ties.

Speaking on arrival in Valletta William Hague said:

“Malta and Britain are close allies, with a strong affinity based on history and shared values. We work closely together in the EU and on foreign policy issues including Iran and North Africa. I hope my visit will strengthen these ties.

“I am looking forward to my meetings with Prime Minister Gonzi and Foreign Minister Borg. I want to thank them in person for the support their Government has provided for our efforts in Libya and their invaluable assistance in the evacuation of over 500 British nationals from Libya earlier this year. We will discuss recent developments in Libya and how best to continue support to the new Libyan authorities.

“We will discuss a range of EU issues, including the importance of encouraging growth through the single market and our shared view that the EU budget must be rigorously controlled. We will also consider how the EU can tackle illegal migration effectively, as well as the EU response to the latest developments with Iran.”

Hillary Clinton at Castille for talks | TIMES OF MALTA | OCT 18 2011

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has arrived at the Auberge de Castille for talks with Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi.

The talks are expected to focus mainly on the situation in Libya and also the possibility of the US deploying a hospital ship to Malta to help the injured in Libya.

Mrs Clinton was greeted just outside the main door of Castille by Dr Gonzi. She told him it was ‘wonderful’ to be in Malta while Dr Gonzi pointed to the restoration works going on to the façade of the building.

Mrs Clinton ignored shouted questions by reporters on the release by Hamas of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit earlier this morning.

There was a strong security presence outside Castille, with Gilormu Cassar Avenue – which leads to Castille – being closed to all traffic.

Mrs Clinton arrived in Malta just before 2.30 a.m. and was welcomed by Foreign Minister Tonio Borg. She is the most senior US government figure to visit Malta since President George Bush (Sen) and Secretary of State James Baker were here for the superpower summit with then Soviet President Gorbachev in 1989.

Mrs Clinton wrote to Dr Gonzi a few weeks ago to thank Malta for its assistance in the evacuation of American workers from Libya. American diplomatic staff had been evacuated to Malta from Tripoli on a purposely-chartered catamaran.

Her visit comes a day after the visit to Malta by British Foreign Secretary William Hague, who left Malta yesterday morning for Libya. Prior to his departure he visited Malta’s Control Tower and thanked air traffic controllers for their work in connection with the crisis in Libya.

Mrs Clinton is also expected to visit Libya after Malta.

Clinton thanks Malta for help with Libya | CNN | OCT 18 2011

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton visited the Mediterranean island nation of Malta Tuesday and thanked authorities there for their help during the war in Libya.
Clinton met with Maltese Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi in the capital city of Valletta, the State Department said.
“The Prime Minister and I discussed the importance of supporting the democratic aspirations of the Libyan people. They are beginning to build a new future for their country and they have a long road ahead,” Clinton said in a State Department statement.
Earlier this year, American citizens and embassy staff were evacuated from Libya to the nearby island, Clinton said.
“Malta’s unique geography, history, and expertise will make it a valued partner in this work,” Clinton said

Libyan charity’s ship implicated in Benghazi attack on US ambassador | MALTA TODAY | OCT 31 2012

Libyan-flagged vessel used by a Malta-based humanitarian organisation implicated in a covert US arms smuggling operation to Syrian freedom fighters

A Libyan-flagged vessel which last year was used by a Malta-based humanitarian organisation in supplying a lifeline to rebels in Misrata, has been implicated in a covert US arms smuggling operation to Syrian freedom fighters, which may also be linked to murdered US ambassador Chris Stevens in Benghazi last month.

The ship ‘Al Entisar’ which was chartered last year by I-Go Aid Libya, then run by businessman Mario Debono, has been reported to be linked to last September’s attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi.

A Fox News investigation revealed that shipping records confirmed that the Al Entisar entered the Turkish port of Iskenderun, some 35 miles from the Syrian border, just five days before Ambassador Chris Stevens, and three other US officials were killed during an assault by more than 100 Islamist militants on the US Consulate compound in Benghazi.

Another report, this time appearing on the Times of London, said that the Al Entisar was carrying 400 tons of cargo. Some of it was humanitarian, but also reportedly weapons, described by the report as the largest consignment of weapons headed for Syria’s rebels on the frontlines.

Walid Phares, a Fox News Middle East and terrorism analyst, identified the Al Entishar on a news report aired by the news channel, saying, “this is the Libyan ship… which is basically carrying weapons that are found in Libya.”

Phares added that the ship came all the way up to Iskenderun in Turkey. “Now from the information that is available, there was aid material, but there were also weapons, a lot of weapons.”

The cargo reportedly included surface-to-air anti-aircraft missiles, RPGs and Russian-designed shoulder-launched missiles known as MANPADS.

The ship’s Libyan captain reportedly told the Times of London that “I can only talk about the medicine and humanitarian aid” for the Syrian rebels.

It was reported there was a fight about the weapons and who got what “between the free Syrian Army and the Muslim Brotherhood.”

According to various reports, on the night of September 11 – in what would become his last known public meeting – US Ambassador Stevens reportedly met with the Turkish Consul General Ali Sait Akin, and escorted him out of the consulate front gate one hour before the assault began at approximately 9:35 p.m.

Fox News said that although what was discussed during the meeting is not public, “Stevens was in Benghazi to negotiate a weapons transfer, an effort to get SA-7 missiles out of the hands of Libya-based extremists.”

But although the negotiation was said to have taken place, it may have had nothing to do with the attack on the consulate later that night or the Al Entishar, it could explain why Stevens was travelling in such a volatile region on the 11th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

Fox News added that a source at the US Congress also cautioned against drawing “premature conclusions” about the consulate attack and the movement of weapons from Libya to Syria via Turkey, noting they may in fact be two separate and distinct events.

But the source acknowledged to Fox News that the timing and the meeting between the Turkish diplomat and Stevens was “unusual.”

Contacted last night, Mario Debono said that the Malta-based humanitarian organisation is now defunct, but still assists in civilian medical evacuations from Libya to other European countries.

When asked about the Al Entishar, Debono said that the ship was chartered from its Libyan owner to I-GO Aid Libya last year, and operated between Malta and Misurata to transport humanitarian aid.

“I can tell you 200% that no weapons were ever transported on board the Al Entishar to Misurata, and the only military equipment, if you may call them so, were bullet proof vests,” Debono told MaltaToday.

Asked on whether he knew about the reports regarding the possible involvement of the Al Entishar in the transport of weapons from Libya to Syria, Debono said that he heard of the reports, but that the ship was returned to its Libyan owner, who in turn chartered it to a new contractor.

“I-GO Aid Libya has nothing more to do with the Al Entishar,” Debono said.