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2017 Board Officers
Lyn Lakin, President – Lyn Lakin Consulting
An experienced nonprofit leader with a diverse background of fundraising, constituency engagement, departmental management, and C-Suite leadership. Lyn’s experience was gained in international voluntary health agencies, an international disaster relief and humanitarian response NGO, and state and private universities. All expanded her worldview, interest, and participation.
For Lyn, the IRC matters because it is a non-partisan convener of like minded individuals, organizations, and companies that seek understanding of complex issues that face our world today.
Amy Bretall, Vice President – Arbor Grove, LLC
With a passion for learning and twenty years of senior-level human resources experience, Amy Bretall joined the IRC board in 2016 in an effort to increase her knowledge of all things international. After a brief encounter with a little girl in Cuba in 2015 and going back to find her, Amy was inspired to raise money for her so she can have a better life. A favorite quote of Amy’s is “the cost of doing nothing is not free.”
For Amy, the IRC matters because we expand the understanding of global topics, bring people together around relevant international discussions, and help educate the community.
Cyprienne Simchowitz, Secretary – Honorary Consul of the French Republic
Cyprienne Simchowitz was born and raised in Paris, France, and has lived in Kansas City since 1983. She is a lawyer both in France and the US, practicing in Kansas City in the field of cross-border transactions, as well as the principal of Paris on the Plains, LLC, an international business consulting firm seeking to connect European and US companies. Cyprienne is the French Honorary Consul for Western Missouri and Kansas.
For Cyprienne, the IRC matters because it is a unique forum for people interested in the world to share knowledge and ideas.
Shelly Ma, CFA, Treasurer and Chair, Finance Committee – Independent Investor
Shelly Ma, CFA, was born and raised in Shanghai, China, and has lived in Kansas City since 1998. She is an MBA graduate of the University of Missouri–Kansas City. She has more than twenty years of experience in the asset-management industry and investing in publicly traded bonds and equities in the U.S., Europe, Asia, and Latin America. Her art of investment embraces long-term views of demographics, geopolitics, economic structures, central-bank polices, consumer behaviors, etc. She also has a passion for supporting missionaries overseas and assisting elder needs as societies are aging.
For Shelly, the IRC matters because it is where we can meet real people who we share the same interests but very different views on global events.
Board Members
Jeffrey Bell – Polsinelli
Jeffrey Bell is an innovative and creative problem solver. In the ever-changing world of immigration law, clients appreciate his ability to see the big picture as he crafts practical strategies to handle complex immigration issues. With almost 25 years of experience, Jeff maintains not only a thorough understanding of immigration law and practice, but also of how immigration and global issues can impact clients’ businesses.
For Jeffrey, the IRC matters because global awareness is becoming increasingly more important to our region as the world in which we live shrinks through technology and communication. The IRC helps provide an understanding of why governments, businesses, and people take certain actions, and how these actions impact us economically and politically.
Kimberly Connelly Holland, Chair, Program Committee – University of Kansas Medical Center
A lifelong professional in the field of International Education, Kimberly Connelly Holland currently leads the Office of International Programs as the Senior International Officer at the University of Kansas Medical Center, managing both the inbound and outbound arms of international education. As an ardent advocate of international education, Ms. Holland’s mission is to connect people to each other through international educational, research, and cultural experiences. As Senator Fulbright said, “Educational exchange can turn nations into people, contributing as no other form of communication can to the humanizing of international relations.”
For Kimberly, the IRC matters because conversations about the impact of international to local and vice versa are important. Connecting people, sharing ideas, experiencing culture, having dialogue make all of the issues “out there” more relevant and more personal. As Senator Fulbright explains, “Perhaps the greatest power of such intellectual exchange is to convert nations into peoples and to translate ideologies into human aspiration… The essence of intercultural education is the acquisition of empathy – the ability to see the world as others see it, and to allow for the possibility that others may see something we have failed to see, or may see it more accurately.”
Chelan David – Univision
Chelan graduated from the University of Kansas with a Bachelor of Science in Journalism. As the general sales manager at Univision he oversees sales operations in the Kansas City market. Under his guidance, Univision launched D’Latinos, a local community program that gives leaders a platform to address important issues impacting the Hispanic community in Kansas City. Chelan plays an active role in the Latino community serving on the board of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.
For Chelan, the IRC matters because it provides a global perspective in the community. Through business partnerships and education the IRC helps solidify and strengthen the framework for global affairs in the Kansas City region.
Kirk Doan – Stinson Leonard Street LLP
Kirk is a business lawyer specializing in the health care industry with Stinson Leonard Street LLP. Kirk has visited over 30 foreign countries and hosted a Chinese exchange student. He is active in a Great Decisions group, many community organizations, and served on the staff of the World Scout Jamborees in England in 2008 and Sweden in 2011. He avidly collects postage stamps of all countries of the world.
For Kirk, the IRC matters because it is a ticket to a buffet dinner of the cultures of the world, and a chance to see how others address the issues of life we all face.
Anné Erickson – Oxford Business Group
Anné is a Kansas City native who has returned home after living overseas for six years in Egypt, Thailand, South Africa, India, the Philippines, and others. Much of her career has been in international sales and economic research on emerging economies. She is passionate about global economics, foreign policy, real estate, sales, and learning Spanish. She resides in Brookside with her husband Jim and daughter Theron.
For Anné, the IRC matters because of the role it plays in bringing international understanding and awareness of people, events, and countries that are near and far from Kansas City. Through a better understanding of global affairs, communities can better understand the world around them as well as those within their own community.
Narbeli Galindo – Economic Development Corporation of Kansas City
Narbeli became the EDC director of International Affairs responsible for all global investments for Kansas City, Missouri, under Mayor Sly James. Additionally, Narbeli is a UMKC International Business and Finance professor teaching undergraduates and graduates International Management, Marketing, and Finance; directing study abroad programs to Spain; and training corporations on how to successfully expand their companies’ products and services globally. Narbeli served as the 2014 past president of the International Trade Council of KC and now ITC past officio board member.
For Narbeli, the IRC matters because it educates and brings to the KC community critical global issues, making our city a place of global knowledge and opportunities for all.
Ambassador Allan Katz – American Public Square
Allan J. Katz served as ambassador of the United States of America to the Republic of Portugal from March 2010 until August 2013. Upon his return to private life, Ambassador Katz joined UMKC as a distinguished professor with a joint appointment from the Bloch School of Business Management and the College of Arts and Sciences. He is the founder of the American Public Square, which is modeled after the Village Square, a local initiative he started in Tallahassee, Florida, in 2006. He serves as Executive Committee Chair of the Academic and Corporate Board to ISCTE Business School in Lisbon Portugal. He is a frequent speaker and moderator on developments in Europe and on American Politics.
For Allan, the IRC matters because, in our connected world, understanding how others think and view global problems makes us a better and more vibrant community.
Dr. Brad Kleindl, Chair, Education Committee – Park University
Dr. Brad Kleindl is the dean of the School of Business at Park University. Dr. Kleindl has received two Fulbright Specialist Program awards, and over his career he has negotiated international relationships with global programs in a dozen countries. He has authored or co-authored seven books and has over 60 other publications.
For Brad, the IRC matters because decisions made locally impact a network of global relations. We at the IRC help others understand these global connections. We help others understand how actions around the world impact us and how our actions can impact others.

Dr. Michael Makara – University of Central Missouri
Dr. Michael Makara is an assistant professor of Political Science at the University of Central Missouri. His research focuses on politics in authoritarian regimes and civil-military relations, with a regional focus on the Middle East. Dr. Makara worked in Jordan for over two years as a research fellow with both Fulbright and the American Center of Oriental Research (ACOR). During that time he traveled throughout the Middle East, including in Morocco, Israel, Turkey, Lebanon, and Yemen.
For Michael, the IRC matters because, more than ever before, what happens around the world has a direct impact on our lives here in the United States. By promoting conversation and debate in Kansas City about the key global issues of the day, the IRC helps its members understand the significance of international developments, as well as their own impact on the world.
Holly Nielsen – Baring Vostok Capital Partners
During her 35-year international legal career Ms Nielsen has been a pioneer in the emerging commercial market in Russia. She established the Moscow office for a major U.S. law firm in 1992 and was managing partner of the Moscow offices of two Wall Street law firms from 1997-2006. Ms Nielsen advised the first Russian securities regulator while working for Harvard’s Institute for International Development during 1995-1997. Most recently, she was a partner and general counsel, and is now the senior counsel, for a premier private equity firm sponsoring funds for international institutions to invest in businesses located in Russia and other post-Soviet countries.
For Holly, the IRC matters because in order to be informed citizens, all Americans should educate themselves about international matters.
Bob Rebori, 2016 Board President – Bio-Microbics
Bob Rebori is president of Bio-Microbics in Shawnee, Kansas, with subsidiaries Scienco/FAST in Sunset Hills, Missouri, and SeptiTech in Lewiston, Maine. All three companies are Original Equipment Manufacturers of water, waste water, and storm water treatment systems, land and sea, with significant international business. Bio-Microbics is the recipient of the 2011 Kansas Governor’s Exporter of the Year Award, and the 2012 and 2016 President’s “E Star” Awards, the highest recognition for export excellence. All this is accomplished through excellent international relations also exemplified by the International Relations Council of Kansas City.
For Bob, the IRC matters because it is a great way to network and expand a company’s knowledge of international relations, current events, and future international opportunities.
Lawrence Rouse – Red Bear Investors
Larry is graduate of the University of Kansas School of Engineering and Georgetown University School of Law. He was a litigation partner at the Stinson, Mag & Fizzell law firm and later was a founder of the law firm of Rouse Hendricks German May. He is married and has three children and three grandchildren. Larry is active in organizations and programs that serve persons with Developmental Disabilities.
For Lawrence, the IRC matters because our personal and professional decisions are influenced and, at times, largely determined by the perspectives through which they are made. There is no better and more enjoyable way to add breadth and depth to those perspectives than through the programs and relationships offered by the IRC.
Randal L. Schultz, Esq. – Lathrop & Gage, LLP
Randal is a corporate transactional lawyer with a health care industry focus. He designs health care and insurance delivery strategies for health care providers and self insured employers. Understanding the health care delivery and financing environment in the US and specific foreign countries is critical for employers which are solely domestic and/or which engage in international commerce. The focus of IRC is to expose companies to international economic and political environments and understanding health care related issues is a critical component to that effort.
For Randal, the IRC matters because it enhances the standing of Kansas City as a player in the regional, national, and international markets and provides educational assistance to people and organizations looking for reliable information.
Gino Serra – Bryan Cave LLP
Gino is a corporate attorney who focuses on for-profit and nonprofit clients in the life sciences industry. In addition, he assists clients in cross-border transactions with Italy, having worked and lived in Italy. He speaks fluent Italian and is the Honorary Vice Consul of Italy in Kansas City.
For Gino, the IRC matters because awareness and understanding of global affairs is critical to the economic, intellectual, and cultural success and growth of the Greater Kansas City Region.
Carrie Sherer – Black & Veatch
Carrie Sherer serves as a member of the Government Affairs team at Black & Veatch. Working collaboratively with industry stakeholders, association partners, she builds relationship with government leaders at a global, national, and local level to monitor policies that affect Black & Veatch.
For Carrie, the IRC matters because it helps companies like ours connect to the diplomatic community around the world.
Stephen Steigman – KCUR 89.3 Kansas City Public Media
Stephen Steigman is chief of broadcast and program operations for KCUR 89.3. Previously he served as the founding producer of the award-winning public-affairs program, Up to Date with Steve Kraske. Before entering public radio, Stephen worked for a number of arts organizations across the country. Stephen holds a BA in arts administration from Skidmore College and an MPA degree from the Bloch School of Management at UMKC. When he’s not working, Stephen enjoys traveling to destinations near and far with his wife and University of Kansas professor Tamara Falicov and their three children.
For Stephen, the IRC matters because the world is getting smaller and Kansas City’s role in it is growing. Knowing more about those around the globe makes us better neighbors and benefits us all.
Kelli Stout – Husch Blackwell
Kelli is an attorney with a passion for international politics. Kelli focuses her practice on immigration law, working with U.S. and international businesses, colleges and universities, and health care organizations to assist them in hiring and maintaining foreign national talent in the U.S. She also counsels foreign national investors and entrepreneurs seeking immigration status in the U.S. to run their businesses. As part of her pro bono practice, Kelli regularly counsels on asylum cases and works on behalf of immigrant children.
For Kelli, the IRC matters because Kansas City’s economy and growth is becoming increasingly tied to global affairs. The IRC provides a link between our community to the world, offering insight to those important events that affect businesses, organizations, and individuals here in Kansas City.
Samantha Vidal, Chair, Corporate (Membership) Committee – Burns & McDonnell
Samantha is an international business specialist at Burns & McDonnell, where she is involved in business development efforts throughout multiple international markets as the company expands its global presence. Samantha has worked in international business spanning several industries for more than 10 years. She has a passion for adventure, having traveled to 36 countries and lived abroad in both Paraguay and Qatar. Samantha attained her MBA in International Business from UMKC and is fluent in Spanish.
For Samantha, the IRC matters because of the need to create global awareness in our community, learn from other people and cultures, experience that which is beyond the borders of our nation, and connect local businesses with leaders from around the world…all of which the IRC brings to Kansas City!
Dr. Sidne Ward – University of Missouri–Kansas City
Sidne Ward is director of global initiatives at the Bloch School of Management at UMKC, where she also serves as chair of the Management Department and associate professor. Sidne holds a BA in Russian, an MBA from the University of Oklahoma, and a PhD in management from UCLA. As a Fulbright Senior Scholar and visiting professor, she lived in Nepal while teaching at the Kathmandu University School of Management. In addition to teaching and guest lecturing in Asia and Europe, she has traveled for work and pleasure to more than 40 countries.
For Sidne, the IRC matters because promoting increased understanding of and appreciation for global affairs throughout the greater Kansas City region informs our society, increasing economic, social, and cultural opportunities for all.
Mike Wood – University of Missouri–Kansas City
Mike taught for 15 years on the health administration faculty of the Bloch School of Management at UMKC. Earlier, he was involved in development and management of the first prepaid medical plan in the Midwest. He lived as a volunteer and staffer in the Peace Corps, including six years in Southeast Asia and two years in Africa. He has consulted widely in the US and abroad on health policy and organization.
For Mike, the IRC matters because international understanding and foreign policy education are of critical importance as the world becomes smaller. A public that is misinformed or uninformed on these matters can be a threat to the economic and political survival of the country. The IRC can be an antidote to this affliction.
Dr. Brian Wright – Johnson County Community College
Professor of Political Science at Johnson County Community College, director of the JCCC food pantry, and faculty adviser to the JCCC Model United Nations, Brian has prepared award-receiving teams for competitions at major college-level Model United Nations conferences. He earned his Ph.D. from Kent State University and MA from Duquesne University with publications in Politics and Policy, the Journal of Human Rights, and Environmental Politics. He is a current board member and past president of the United Nations Association of Greater Kansas City.
For Brian, the IRC matters because the international is inextricably intertwined with the mission of the organization and the future of the Kansas City Metro region.