How Obama Pulled Off The Heist Of The Century | John Grayson | MAR 6, 2017 

It appears that Obama’s attempt at leading a shadow-like coup was just foiled and made nationally known. Unfortunately, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. What has actually happened is that this was merely the extenuation of the American government’s executive-judicial overreach, under the Obama Administration. We can blame Obama all we want (and we definitely should), but we must also realize that he is a pawn. Currently, Obama is untouchable – he’s the Democrat’s token Black President. Any backlash will be seen as racist, and undermine the very justice one seeks to achieve. But his methods always were legal. This is not intended to be a defense of the man, but should serve as a warning that what he did was no different as enshrined in law. To successfully tackle the corruption in Washington, we must be systematically root out the source of it all.

By now, it should be clear that in the aftermath of the financial collapse, Barack Obama opted for an elaborate financial regulatory scheme for the Bank Bailouts and subsequent TARP settlements instead of jailing the CEOs responsible. However, his actions in utilizing Obamacare weren’t necessarily to conduct a “Net Worth Sweep” in claiming Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae solely as a means of funding his failing healthcare initiatives. And it wasn’t using a healthcare plan as a vehicle to contribute to his Slush Fund, as his critics charge.