National Intelligence Strategy

The NIS has four main components, described as follows: (1) the Strategic Environment section portrays the global national security milieu; (2) the Mission Objective section describes key mission priorities and expected outcomes; (3) the Enterprise Objective section describes resource and capability outcomes needed to enable mission success; and (4) the Implementing the Strategy section provides broad organizational guidance to meet the NIS’s requirements.

Clinton Cronies & Qatari Slave Trade

South Asia 'shares blame' for Gulf migrant abuses | ASIAN REVIEW | JUN 30, 2016 Amid growing concern about Qatar's treatment of South Asian migrants building the infrastructure for the 2022 soccer World Cup, activists are warning that labor abuses are widespread throughout the Gulf, and that workers' home countries share the blame. Concerns have … Continue reading Clinton Cronies & Qatari Slave Trade

CIA Trafficking in Romania

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