FCC to Free Internet from Obama’s “Net Neutrality” Rules

Soros’ pro-censorship coalition floods FCC with “bot-generated” campaign to keep Obama “Net Neutrality” rules

WASHINGTON, D.C. – This Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving, FCC Chairman Ajit V. Pai is expected to circulate to his fellow commissioners and make public a draft of a new FCC order widely anticipated to eliminate the “Net Neutrality” rules put in place under the Obama administration.

The full commission is scheduled to vote on Pai’s draft order at its Dec. 14th meeting, and again, the FCC is expected on that date to ratify Pai’s draft order.

By making the order to repeal “Net Neutrality” public in advance of the vote, Chairman Pai has instituted a new transparency initiative at the FCC that reverses the policy of the previous chairman, Obama administration FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler who typically refused to make draft orders public prior to the full FCC commission final vote.

Left floods FCC with fake comments

What is clear from an examination of the public comments from the political left supporting the retention of the Obama “Net Neutrality” rules have flooded the FCC comment space with “Bot-generated,” often foreign-sourced, comments that have generated unrelated, racist, and even violent remarks in high volume.

On July 13, 2017, Infowars.com reported that a coalition formed by George Soros, including Internet giants Google, Facebook, Amazon, as well as the salacious extreme-and-abusive-sex website PornHub, had flooded the FCC with thousands of “citizen comments,” coming from Russia, of all places, opposing the FCC’s planned repeal of the Obama-era “Net Neutrality” rules.

A study by Washington, D.C. information specialist Emprata demonstrated that more than 7.5 million comments opposing the repeal of “Net Neutrality” rules – the largest percentage of comments on any FCC topic, fully 36 percent of all FCC comments – “appear to have been generated by self-described” and “disposable” email domains attributed to FakeMailGenerator.com and with nearly identical language.”

Adjusting the 13 million total comments who opposed repealing “Net Neutrality” rules for “Bot-generated” fake comments, Emprata found the legitimate comments supporting Pai’s move to repeal “Net Neutrality” beat the legitimate comments wanting to keep the Obama-era rules by 61 percent favoring the repeal of Title II Internet governance, versus 38 percent wanting to maintain the “Net Neutrality” rules that would retain Title II governance of the Internet as a telecommunications utility.

Among the 7.5 million unverifiable comments in support of the Obama rules, an unusually large number, 1.72 million, were attributed to foreign addresses that Emprata could not verify, with the vast majority of those comments (99.4 percent) opposed to repealing Title II.

Emprata found the largest number of foreign comments supporting the Obama-era rules came from Russia, followed by Germany, France, India, and Canada.

Obama-era “Net Neutrality” allow Google, Facebook, Twitter censorship

 Those arguing for the repeal of the Obama-era “Net Neutrality” rules argue Pai’s campaign to end Title II regulation of the Internet is a “noble cause” – a move that does not “kill net neutrality,” but rather reverses the unprecedented power grab of the Obama-era FCC in conjunction with the tech left forces in Silicon Valley, Soros’s Open Society Foundation, and the Ford Foundation.

Trump supporters backing Pai note the Internet’s growth, explosive innovation, and flow of free expression occurred free from public utility regulation.

Ironically, since the 2015 rules were put in place, instances of blocking and censoring have only occurred at a rapid pace on platforms owned by Facebook, Google, and Twitter, which all lobbied hard for the 2015 “Net Neutrality” rules, which were carefully crafted so as to not touch those companies.

 Infowars.com has previously documented Google, together with George Soros’ Open Society Institution and the Ford Foundation have spent more than $72 million dollars to non-profit leftist organizations that have been the most active in promoting the idea that the Internet needs to be regulated by the government as a “common carrier” public utility under the Communications Act – the same regulatory framework crafted decades ago to regulate the old rotary phone system.

Infowars.com has previously warned that Google and the largest communications giants on the Internet lobbied the federal government to define broadband under these 1930s-style regulations – a designation that would allow the government to regulate more rigorously the broadband providers that built the core network connecting users to the Internet as “common carriers.”

By design, this exempts content monopolies like Google and Facebook from the strict regulations the FCC would apply to common carriers – a scheme that would allow Google, Facebook, and the other Internet portal giants to censor conservatives as “fake news,” while demanding that “common carriers” like AT&T and Verizon have no choice but to carry their censored content.

The implementation of these 2015 Obama-era “Net neutrality” regulations, which were heavily pushed by Google in hundreds of closed-door meetings at the Obama White House, carved out Google and the other Silicon Valley behemoths and secured their position as absolute information gatekeepers.

Since these 2015 regulations passed, Internet giant portals like Google, Facebook, and Twitter have moved to become the judge, jury, and executioner of the contact we read on the Internet, under the guise of eliminating “fake news.”


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