Libya: Obama’s Proxy War – The Blundered Beginning of the would-be Beginning of the End

Libya: Obama’s War

Why didn’t Obama retaliate after the red line was crossed? Because he crossed it.


  • Clinton and Obama overthrew the Libyan government, sending Libya into chaos.
  • We lost track of Gadhafi’s weapons, including chemical weapons. It turns out he had more than we knew about.
  • Obama and Clinton gave many of them to ISIS using a Qatari arms trafficking network. The rest were up for grabs.
  • Obama approved the transfer of 20,000 tons of weapons from Qatar to… Well we’re not exactly sure who still. Basically everyone.
  • Some of Gadhafi’s Sarin gas was taken to Syria.
  • Since then, The Obama Administration has approved over $9 billion in US arms exports to Qatar.

Qatar: Enemy in Disguise – Not to be Trusted

SEP 27, 2011 – Nightmare In Libya: Thousands Of Surface-To-Air Missiles Unaccounted For | ABC

  • The White House announced today it planned to expand a program to secure and destroy Libya’s huge stockpile of dangerous surface-to-air missiles, following an ABC News report that large numbers of them continue to be stolen from unguarded military warehouses.
  • “I think the probability of al Qaeda being able to smuggle some of the stinger-like missiles out of Libya is probably pretty high,” said Richard Clarke, former White House counterterrorism advisor and now a consultant to ABC News.

FEB 2, 2014 – ‘Libya’s Cache of Toxic Arms All Destroyed’ | NYT

  • Since November, Libyan contractors trained in Germany and Sweden have worked to destroy the weapons in a region where extremists linked to Al Qaeda are gaining greater influence. The last artillery shell was destroyed on Jan. 26, officials said.
  • Libyan officials announced the discovery in November 2011 and February 2012 of two hidden caches of mustard, or nearly two tons, that had not been declared by Colonel Qaddafi’s government That brought the total declared amount of chemical to 26.3 tons.
  • Unlike the majority of Libya’s mustard agents, which were stored in large, bulky containers, the new caches were already armed and loaded.

SEP 13, 2016 – As ISIS closed in, a race to remove chemical-weapon precursors in Libya | WA POST

  • While some precursor materials were destroyed in 2015, nearly 500 tons of dual-use, toxic industrial chemicals remained at Ruwagha.
  • In mid-July, Libyan officials piled about 20 barrels onto a small convoy of trucks and drove them across the desert to the coastal city of Misrata.
  • In late August, the materials were loaded at the port of Misrata onto a Danish ship bound for the German city of Münster.

Qatar does Obama’s bidding

  • In 2011, Obama’s approved Qatar to transfer 20,000 tons of weapons to various militias in Libya. Most weapons remain unaccounted for, but many ended up with radical Islamist groups in Libya and Syria. | NYT

Qatar’s planes landed in Misrata too | TELEGRAPH

Qatari flights continued even after the fall of Tripoli | WSJ

  • With the blessing of Western intelligence agencies, Qatar flew at least 18 weapons shipments in all to anti-Gadhafi rebel forces in 2012, the majority directly to militias run by Islamist leaders.
  • About a dozen other Qatari-funded shipmentscame via Sudan, according to previously undisclosed Libyan intelligence documents.

Weapons were sent to ISIS in Syria via Turkey | BIZ INSIDER

Obama and Hillary knew of the chaos to come

  • Military intel predicted rise of ISIS in 2012, detailed arms shipments from Benghazi to Syria | FOX

They wanted to topple Assad.

  • Hillary Clinton Knew BACK IN 2011 About US Weapons Shipments from Libya to Syria | GW PUNDIT
  • Weapons shipments highlight the ambiguous roles of Qatar and Turkey in the fight against Islamic militants | ITALY 24
  • After the collapse of the Libyan government, Gadhafi’s arms stockpiles were raided, and arsenals of weapons also found their way into the hands of Islamist rebels in Syria. | NYT

How did they get sarin gas?

  • ‘Abandoned’ barrels containing deadly sarin seized in rebel-held Syria | RT
  • Sarin materials brought via Turkey & mixed in Syrian ISIS camps | RT


  • February 26, 2011 – The UN imposed sanctions on Libyan authorities, including an arms embargo, asset freeze and travel ban. | UN NEWS
  • In March of 2011, Reuters reported that the Obama administration had signed secret orders authorizing secret help for rebels fighting against Gadhafi’s government. Fulfillment of such order would be a clear violation of the UN arms embargo. | REUTERS
  • A rebellion backed by money and military strength from foreign nations waged a successful civil war against the Libyan state. | WORLD POST
  • US OK’d sending arms to Libya | BOSTONGLOBE
  • Clinton State Department approved U.S. weapons shipment to Libya despite ban | REUTERS


  • Libya’s government no longer exists and the country is in chaos. | BBC
  • Drug And Human Trafficking In ‘Lawless’ Libya Is Funding Isis | IB TIMES
  • Calm Seas, Libya’s Lawless State Open Door For Migrant Flows | REUTERS
  • ‘Real armed commando’: Police bust ISIS terror cell preparing ‘chemical attack’ in Morocco | RT
  • Why Is Libya So Lawless? | BBC
  • ISIS now has a foothold in Libya. | BBC
  • Top ISIS commanders are taking refuge in Libya. | BBC
  • Islamic State is planning to use Libya as a gateway to Europe. | TELEGRAPH

Conflict of Interest

  • Under Clinton’s leadership, the State Department approved $165 billion worth of commercial arms sales to 20 nations whose governments have given money to the Clinton Foundation | IBTIMES
  • Clinton Charity Received About $12,000,000 from the King of Morocco and Various Moroccan Owned Entities | DAILYCALLER | CNN | HUFFPOST
  • ‘How US Ambassador Chris Stevens May Have Been Linked To Jihadist Rebels In Syria’ | BIZ INSIDER
  • Muslim Brotherhood Official, Former Clinton Foundation Employee Arrested | FREE BEACON | WA TIMES

Germans Accused of Helping Libya Build Nerve Gas Plant | NYT

German Jailed for Aiding Libya’s Chemical Weapons Program | AP

  • The United States accused Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi of building the world’s largest underground chemical weapons plant in a mountain at Tarhunah, 40 miles southeast of Tripoli.
  • In the 1980s, German companies helped build the largest chemical weapons factory in the world. Libya said it was designed to produce drugs, not poison gas.

Phosphates | Morocco, the number one producer of phosphates and phosphate products.

Sarin, mustard and VX gases are common chemical weapons. Sarin and VX are organophosphate compounds.

Remember that meeting in Morocco that the Clintons just had to attend?

Controversial Clinton-Tied Moroccan Mining Firm Supported by Ex-Im Bank | FREE BEACON

Clinton Charity Received About $12,000,000 from the King of Morocco and Moroccan Owned Entities | DAILYCALLER | CNN | HUFFPOST

  • The Moroccan monarch’s funds went to the Clinton Foundation’s endowment and to CGI.
  • The actual meeting was paid for by OCP, the Moroccan-government-owned mining company that has been accused of serious human rights violations. Clinton vigorously supported the Moroccan King as Secretary of State and the U.S.-financed Export-Import Bank gave OCP a $92 million loan guarantee during her tenure.

Email correspondence between Huma Abedin, Cheryl Mills, John Podesta, Robby Mook, Jake Sullivan regarding the Clinton Global Initiative meeting in Morocco | WIKILEAKS

Huma Abedin:

  • “Morocco: No matter what happens, she will be in Morocco hosting CGI on May 5-7, 2015. Her presence was a condition for the Moroccans to proceed so there is no going back on this. Important that you know background.

According to Huma Abedin, the $12 million meeting with the Moroccan King was Hillary Clinton’s idea | WIKILEAKS

  • “Just to give you some context, the condition upon which the Moroccans agreed to host the meeting was her participation.”
  • “This was HRC’s idea, our office approached the Moroccans and they 100 percent believe they are doing this at her request. The King has personally committed approx $12 million both for the endowment and to support the meeting.”
  • “She created this mess and she knows it.”

Why was that meeting so important to Clinton?

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